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I am so proud to start with my first blog post for Lovedesh’s new style website.  For those of you who do not know – my dream is to change how the rest of the world sees and experiences the poorest, most stigmatized nations of the world – often colloquially known as ‘Third World’.

I started with Bangladesh – the beautiful country where my late father’s heritage lies, along with his unfulfilled dream.  His dream was to get one of his kids to return and help the folks out there. It never happened and after he died in 2004 in a horrific road accident in Bangladesh, I decided to pick up the challenge. You see in 2009, I discovered and uncovered a huge philanthropic legacy he had left behind.

Although economically poor, developing nations are rich in natural bounty. For example Bangladesh boasts over 800 rivers, and an array of sweet-fleshed fish. It is a nation where farmers race to grow abundant crops on flooded river banks; a place where I can hand-pick fruits and vegetables while chatting to some of the 160 million warm, kind-hearted folks who always thank you for visiting.

Third World nations offer simple, authentic travel at its best.  Even celebrity chef Rick Stein and intrepid traveller Simon Reeve fell for Bangladesh after filming out there. Yet Bangladesh remains overlooked as a destination; famous only for garment workers, famine and floods.   I want to help change that.

I am also the founder of Amcariza Foundation, a niche charity for rural folks out in ‘Third World’ nations.

And while our website is getting prepped and ready for launch check out more stuff.  Here is a film I made re my wood fired curry lesson reviews by British food critics and bloggers –  (often cook by a SW London river stream).

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